Rules for Stronger Erections

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Nov 27, 2012

Rules for stronger erections

Men would always long to have stronger and longer erections with an undying stamina. The endless array of ointments, treatments and devices that come out in the market, with questionable efficacy, show that men would do whatever it takes for a good erection. The truth is that you are more or less limited by the way God made you or endowed you with, but one can still do his best for maximising the effect naturally.


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Tips to get stronger erections

Antioxidants - You need certain antioxidants that ensure good erection. Fruits such as blueberries, elderberries and bilberries contain high level of anthocyanins that help in erection despite the prevalence of free radicals in the body. Anthocyanins prevent the level of nitric oxide from falling and this is important as nitric oxide is an important ingredient for dilation of vessels.


Eat to have more energy – You need to have energy to sustain the long erection that you desire. Nutrients are used up through blood and hormones and only good nutrition would enable you to get a good erection. In particular, you need carbohydrates to be used as a fuel for sex, while zinc is essential for making seminal fluid. Beans and peas are rich in zinc.


Position yourself favourably – Normal sexual position, i.e. missionary or doggy style should be preferred by men who have a problem in erection or those who want it for longer duration. The girl-on-top or any other position that does not turn gravity in your favour should be avoided.


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Do not stress – If your brain is working overtime on avoidable thoughts, it would affect your libido for sure. If your body is tensed, which is the result of stress, a kind of adrenaline called epinephrine is released that hardens your arteries. You should learn to focus on each of your five senses as it is a sure way to relax. Start with your breath, the feeling of steering wheel in your hands or even the hot blonde crossing the street. Being stress free or without tension in the body would improve your ability to have an erection.


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Quit smoking – Would you ever accept a lower pay scale than your current one? Never, because it would bring down your quality of life. Imagine paying up for doing the same damage and that too, in your ability of having an erection! Apart from increased risk of heart disease, lung cancer, bladder cancer and many other complications, smoking also doubles your risk of erectile dysfunction.


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