Rules to follow: Sex when Kids are around

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Sep 13, 2011

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It is understandable that parents put their kids’ first; always. However, sometimes they feel that the sexual fire within them is just too much to handle. So what do you do when your kid is around; in the same room or even on the same bed! Sex when kids are around is a sensitive issue and sometimes even tests the understanding and patience of parents!

The rule book

Sex in front of a baby

  • If your baby is less than 6 months and you feel the need to express your ‘love’ for your spouse; experts feel that it is not a problem.
  • Babies cannot comprehend what is going on at such a tender age. However, make sure that you put little one safely in his crib or you can take the floor!


Sex around a toddler

  • Matters become complicated as your child reaches the ages between one and three.
  • According to experts toddlers might be adversely affected if they see their parents indulging in sexual activities. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is exercise restraint.
  • Keep the enthusiasm up by stealing kisses and hugs but reserve the action for when your child is either sleeping or in his play room!


Sex around a preschooler

  • Preschoolers are on the threshold of entering a phase when they will be expected to spend increasing amounts of time away from their parents.
  • Therefore, it is only natural that your preschooler will demand more of your time. S/he may want to climb into your bed at night and sleep there.
  • Sex around a preschooler is a strict no-no. It may scar the child and s/he may think of it as daddy trying to hurt mommy.
  • Keep your sexual excitement at bay till the time that you are completely alone and away from the inquisitive eyes of your kid!


Sex around a school going kid

  • Having sex when you have a school going kid in your house can be a bit of trouble.
  • Your kid may stay up late doing homework or organise sleepovers for pals.
  • Make sure that you do not indulge in any objectionable behaviour around their presence.
  • This applies even more when her/his friends are around. You definitely don’t want your child to be the object of ridicule in front of their friends.
  • Keep up the intimate little nothings such as kissing or cuddling so that the flame of passion stays aflame!


Sex around older kids

  • Things become much simpler once your child grows up.
  • However, you have to introduce the idea of parents needing their own private time early on. Explain to your kid that the two of you will spend some time together.
  • Do not give in to their obstinate demands of entering your room whenever they want.
  • Although you have to be stern, remember that the change will happen over time. Give your kid time to warm up to the idea of her/his parents being physically close.


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