Rich People have better Sex?

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Aug 17, 2011

Young coupleWant to have a rollicking time in the sack? Well, a recent survey is of the opinion that people with higher incomes have a better sexual life. Although it is not shocking to know that in today’s day’s and age one’s sex life is dependent on their income, this surely reaffirms the belief!


What is most interesting about the survey is the fact that both men and women believe that financial security actively assists sexual interactions. Here are a few facts from the survey:


  • According to women, a heavy wallet adds to the quality of sexual contact. For them, higher quality of sex is equivalent to being richer! For them, the quality of sex and the satisfaction they achieve from it is determined by how rich and independent they themselves are. In fact, nearly 93% women who were part of the survey agreed to this point of view.
  • According to men, being financially secure equates to the convenience of multiple partners. It also enables them to have many more sexual encounters. Therefore, more money for men means the ability to acquire/procure multiple objects of desire!


Well if these facts shock you, we have more in store as only the surface has been scratched!
The survey that was carried out by Grove and prince included men and women who earn more than $9 million in a year and have a net worth of more than $ 89 million. In the group, more women agreed to the fact that more money means better sex! Yes, more women think that being rich enables them to engage in adventurous sexual liaisons.  The figures stood at 84% for women and 63% for men. Therefore, for men, money seems to be a less determining factor when it comes to sex but for women it is an important factor which decides the kind of sexual relationships that they are entering into.


Money, it seems also decides the kind of sex that you have. Apparently rich people, tend to engage in rather exotic and sexually exciting encounters because they have financial freedom. For example, in the survey all the women admitted to being part of the mile high club. The high mile club is that group of people who have had sex on an airplane. Again here, the rich men didn’t think of joining any elusive sexual club as a significant achievement.


Whether one’s riches decide the kind of action that they are getting still remains a subjective point of view. However, we thought we would let you in on the latest development, just so you remain updated!


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