Reasons you're Not Able to Control Diabetes Naturally

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Nov 14, 2014
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  • Certain lifestyle measures have been effective in managing diabetes.
  • You need a whole-heartedly approach diabetes management.
  • In advanced stages, natural strategies become ineffective.
  • Overlooking or avoiding consultation is another reason.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. Going by WHO estimates, diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in 2030. Certain lifestyle measures have been shown to be effective in managing diabetes and preventing complications. Those living with diabetes have a long to-do list for diabetes management and encounter several challenges.


diabetes challenges


The strategies that can help you manage diabetes naturally are exercise, monitor blood glucose regularly, keep a food record, quit smoking/drinking and take good oral care. These natural ways keep sugar under control and promote the importance of living a healthy life. Sometimes you are unable to control diabetes even after you’ve changed your eating habits, been doing physical activity and done other necessary things.

There could be a many reasons why natural ways to control diabetes become ineffective. Here are the reasons you're not able to control diabetes naturally.


Not a Whole-hearted Approach

Controlling diabetes naturally may be difficult and results will reflect after some time. Don’t expect great results in a few days or week’s time after you have taken care of your diet and physical activity. The path to manage diabetes is not easy so have to be patient. If you want best results, you need to adhere to all the things seriously, be consistent and be patient.


Advanced Diabetes

Diabetes in the advanced stages is difficult to deal with; the diet and exercise approach might not be able to help you bring your blood sugar levels to a better levels. In the progressed stage, making lifestyle for its management might not produce great results. In the advanced stages, diabetes complications keep increasing, and kidney problems and heart problems start emerging.


diabetes management


Ignoring Consultation

It will be added advantage that you are seeking help from others with diabetes or surfing internet to know more about diabetes, but you must never avoid consultation. It is good on your part that you keep learning from people around you, but that cannot be a substitute to consultation. Never overlook or avoid what your health care provider says. Diabetes manifests differently in different in everyone. So, there has to be an individualised approach to take care of diabetes. For best results, you need a proper guidance of an expert.


Many of the diabetics find it difficult to manage diabetes and struggle to control their sugar levels with natural strategies. The aforementioned are the most probable reasons that could be causing your uncontrolled glucose levels.



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