Reasons Why Women Need Abortions

The reasons why women want abortions are highly debatable and have been presented in an objective manner here. Read them to make an informed choice.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
PregnancyWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Sep 08, 2011
Reasons Why Women Need Abortions

Wanting an abortion is a crucial step for any woman. It is the termination of pregnancy before successful birth. An abortion is procured by women for many reasons. Although the moral debate against abortion is of the opinion that no reason is quite enough for terminating a pregnancy, people are slowly recognising the fact that it is not the lack of love or femininity that drives women to decide against a pregnancy.


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Reasons why women want abortions

Medical Reasons for Abortion

  • Sometimes the conditions in a pregnant woman’s womb are not conducive for the development of the foetus. In such cases the pregnancy is aborted.
  • In case, some irreversible damage is done to the foetus then an abortion is considered by healthcare professionals.
  • Genetic disorders that will severely disable the life of the unborn child are also a reason why many women opt for abortions. These disorders can be confirmed with the help of a blood test and if the results are unsatisfactory then a safe abortion procedure can be performed.
  • Sometimes, the growth of the foetus complicates the health of the mother bringing her to the brink of death even. In such cases, the woman may opt for abortion in order to save herself.
  • If a woman suffers from ailments such as heart disease, AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disorder; she may opt for an abortion.

Personal Reasons for Abortion

  • A pregnancy that has taken place due to incest or rape can be aborted by a woman who wants to cope with the horror of what has happened with her. The unborn child may serve as a reminder of her gruesome past and that may egg her towards an abortion.
  • Sometimes a woman is not financially secure to look after herself and her unborn baby. In such a situation when either her spouse has deserted her or is economically incapacitated; she may have a valid reason to opt for an abortion.
  • Many married women choose abortion when their husbands are not willing to settle down as a parent. Most of these women are financially insecure and fear that their husband will leave them if they remain adamant about continuing their pregnancy.
  • Parental coercion and the social censure against women who get pregnant out of wedlock is another reason why many women opt for an abortion. Many-a-times parents force their unmarried daughters to get an abortion in order to save face in front of the society and other relatives.
  • Many women feel the need to end an unwanted pregnancy that may have arisen due to failed contraception.

Most opponents of abortion agree that abortion for the sake of the mother's health can be morally acceptable if there is a real risk of serious damage to the mother.

Abortion for social reasons is usually least acceptable to opponents.


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