Reasons why Guys Sleep after Sex

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Apr 28, 2011

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Reasons why Guys Sleep after Sex

It might be irritating for the partner, but there are some understandable causes for men to fall asleep after sex. This tendency is found in women too but it is seen much more in men. So, what is that makes guys sleep after sex?


  1. The obvious reason is that since sex usually happens at night, and it is physically exhausting – more for a man than women, men naturally feel sleepier and doze off.
  2. Research with PET (positron emission technology) scans show that for a man to reach orgasm, the main factor is to do away with fear and anxiety. When this happens, men become relaxed and go to sleep.
  3. During ejaculation, men release a lot of brain chemicals, one of which is prolactin. Now, it has been found that during sleep, prolactin levels are very high in a person. It naturally follows that the release of prolactin causes sleep in men.
  4. Oxytacin and Vasopressin is also released in men during orgasm. Along with these, melatonin, the body clock regulating hormone is also released. Oxytocin is a stress busting, relaxation inducing hormone which leads to sleepiness.
  5. There is another evolutionary and psychological cause of this phenomenon. Since the most basic of male urges is to produce as many progeny as possible for which he needs to re-energise himself as early as possible, sleeping right away is the best way to go about it.


The reasons given above for the tendency of men to sleep after sex are not exact. Actually there a few more biochemical and psychological put forwarded by many health experts on various occasions. None has been able to pinpoint the exact cause of guys’ sleep after sex.


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