Psychological Issues with Teenage Pregnancy

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May 22, 2012

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  • Denial is a dangerous reaction towards a positive pregnancy test.
  • Some teenage mothers tend to become preoccupied with themselves.
  • Teenage mother ends up with guilt at the news of her pregnancy.
  • The self-esteem of a pregnant teenager goes for a toss.


Teen pregnancy can pose several financial, physical and academic challenges to an expectant mother. Some of the issues that are usually overlooked by family and physicians are psychological. Teenage mothers need more than a few ultrasounds, college and career guidance and financial support. It is emotional support that they need most.

psychological issues of pregnant teensHere are some psychological issues that teenage mothers face during their pregnancy term.



Denial is one of the most dangerous reactions a woman gives to a positive pregnancy test. Denial is highly likely in the case of teenage women because most of the times, it is unintentional. Most teenage girls, who discover their pregnancy, tend to procrastinate telling their parents or a doctor about their pregnancy. Procrastinating informing the family members about the pregnancy and taking no medical care is dangerous for the mother as well as the baby. In some extreme cases, the girl may keep herself from informing her parents or doctor about her pregnancy until labour. The extent of denial that one goes through may sometimes be so severe that the girl’s family members overlook the bodily changes, thereby overlooking the need for medical care.



Some teenage mothers tend to become preoccupied with themselves giving negligible attention to the world around them. At such a juncture, the teenage mother may find it impossible to focus on other aspects of life such as education. The pregnant teenager begins to think that her problems overshadow that of the family and feel left out when her family does not seem to be helping her out.



Considering that most teenage pregnancies are unintended, the teenage mother ends up filled with a cloud of guilt at the news of her pregnancy. Irrespective of the kind of guilt it is such as religious or the guilt to have let the family down, such psychological issues must be dealt with. A pregnant teenager may talk about her pregnancy with a teacher, parent or counsellor to help hop on to the next issue of taking care of the baby. If none of the immediate support systems work, one can start looking for other better support groups.


Self-Esteem Problems

The self-esteem of a pregnant teenager goes for a toss. A teenager will face sarcastic banter from her school friends, which will make her stop going to school, her back will hurt, feeling worthless and out of place.


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