Pros & Cons of Condoms for Contraception

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Aug 04, 2012

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Pros and Cons of Condoms for Contraception

Condoms are a barrier form of birth control and they prevent the semen from penis to enter the vagina. Most condoms are made from latex, but lambskin and polyurethane. Some of the condoms are laced with spermicidal gel which can destroy the sperms. You should know the pros & cons of condoms as a contraceptive before starting to use them.


Pros of using condoms


  • The most important benefit of using condoms is the protection that it gives from unwanted pregnancy. It also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases. If you want to prevent yourself from STDs such as syphilis, herpes and gonorrhoea, never forget using condoms.
  • More effective than birth control pills – There are no hassles in using condoms compared to the contraceptive pills. Unlike the strict routine of taking pills daily, all you need to do in using condoms is to use whenever required. They serve a dual purpose. Moreover, condoms are also available easily and help you avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • Suitable for all types of sex — Condoms can be easily used in all forms of sexual intercourse including anal and vaginal intercourse.
  • Enables you to have sex without doubts — Using of condom keeps you away from the worry of popping a morning after pill. If you are not on your birth control, condoms are the easiest as well as the cheapest contraceptive resort, which you can use with ease.

Cons of using condoms


  • Latex Sensitivity— If you are allregic to latex, avoid using condoms. Try to get one made from ployurethane or lambskin. The effectivenesss of lambskin condom would always be suspect but that of polyurethane condom is almost the same as the usual latex condom. You also need to avoid using body oils, creams and lotions as these can dissolve latex.
  • Trouble with spermicides — If you use spermicide for lubrication of your condom, avoid it. It will show as rashes around your genital area or some sort of irritation. If you use condoms without nonoxynol-9 and 11, and use spermicide instead, it can help to avoid the risk of these complications.
  • Problems in erection Some men are unable to sustain erection after they put on a condom. They say it spoils their mood as it is a great hindrance between foreplay and the subsequent acts. It happens especially when men start using condom for the first time, or if they try a new type.


Despite condoms being a very effective and mostly used birth control method, there are some disadvantages that cannot be ignored.


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