Pros & Cons of Condoms

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Jul 20, 2012

Pros and Cons of Condoms

Condoms are the most widely used means of contraception and birth control method. Since last 400 years, condoms have been used for the safe and protected sex. Enlisted below are the pros and cons of condom use.

Advantages of Condom Use

Reliable Protective Method—
The most significant benefit of condoms is the protection against unwanted pregnancy and deadly sexually transmitted diseases. It is the most effective contraceptive method to prevent contracting HIV-infection as well as other STDs, such as herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis.  Those who engage in oral sex, condoms are best to keep STDs at bay.

Facilitates Worry-Free Sexual Intercourse— Using of condom keeps you away from the worry of popping a morning after pill. If you are not on your birth control, condoms are the easiest as well as the cheapest contraceptive resort, which you can use with ease.

Better than Birth Control Pills— Condoms carry no hassles  as associated with contraceptive pills. Unlike the strict regimen of taking the pills every day, you can use condoms as per your need. Birth control pills are effective method to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but condoms serve dual purpose.Easy Accessibility— Condoms are over-the-counter products and you do not require any prescription to use them. Moreover, they are available in various flavours to increase sexual pleasure and gratification. So you get a chance to take a pick.

Suitability— Condoms can be easily used in all forms of sexual intercourse including anal and vaginal intercourse.


Disadvantages of Condoms Use

Ruins the Mood and Erection— S
everal men complain that after putting on a condom the mood gets spoiled and they find it hard to sustain the erection. Furthermore, the interruption to wear a condom between the foreplay and sex disrupts the sexual sequence and lowers the sexual pleasure.

Latex Sensitivity— People who are allergic to latex, must not use latex condoms. Instead they can use condoms made of polyurethane. Also, they must refrain from using creams, body oils or lotions along with latex condoms as greasy things can dissolve the latex within a few minutes and damage the condom.

Single Usage—
Another disadvantage of condoms is there single use. Condoms are the most widely used contraceptive method however; they can be only used once.

Spermicide Sensitivity— Another common concern is the allergy to spermicide that is responsible for lubrication of condom. If you experience rashes in your genital area or any sort of irritation, you may start using condom without nonoxynol-9 or nonoxynol-11 spermicide instead.

Slipperiness— Medical stores are flooded with various brands and different sizes of condoms. If you put on a wrong size, there are probable chances that it may slip off during intercourse. So, pick the right one for you before making a mess in the bedroom.


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