Promiscuity in the Garb of Festivity?

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Sep 29, 2011

Promiscuity in the Garb of Festivity

Navratri celebration is not considered complete without garba and dandiya. People who have profound faith in these traditional ceremonies may be astonished to know that how the youngsters tend misuse this freedom of festivity. In the recent few years cases of promiscuity have significantly increased. Newspapers and electronic media are increasingly pointing out the spurt in sexual activities during navratri dandiya ras in Gujarat.

According to the reports appearing in news media, during navratri there is an increase of 25 to 30 percent in condom sales in Gujarat. In addition, hotels also make huge profit as room rates for hourly basis goes from hundreds to thousands. According to hotel staff, the number of couples visiting their hotel is increasing with each passing year. Every year, there is a rise in number of abortions post navratri.


How Serious is the Problem?

Risky sexual behaviour is quite common during navratri but it is up to youngsters and their parents to be aware of the consequences. Promiscuity in the name of religion can pose following consequences:

  • Distortion of religious celebrations.
  • Unwanted pregnancies and abortions. [Read: How to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy]
  • Increased risk of sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV. Youngsters feel that they will get away with unprotected sex by taking pills that are easily available. But they fail to realise that they are putting themselves at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and even venereal warts.


Why Does this Happen?


Navratri brings nine nights of singing, dancing and celebration. Most of the youngsters get into charming intoxication of celebration and take advantage of the opportunity. One of the possible reasons is that parents who are otherwise strict about time let their children stay out of house and become lenient because its the time of festivity. This rare freedom gives teenagers perfect opportunity for indulgence in sexual activities.


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Dandiya Raas and Garba are been moulded in the modern forms. The pomp and show of celebration overweigh the religious sentiments of festivity. It is therefore important to tell your children about the real meaning of navratri.


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In addition, parents should talk to their children about the serious consequences of the problem. Tell them about the physiological and emotional harm of promiscuity. There are many NGOs and health groups that are working to create awareness about the problem. Discuss the issue with them and encourage your children to listen to such programs.



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