Preparing your son for puberty

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Jan 05, 2013

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pubertyYou gazed at your young baby boy pompously as he took part in racing his toy motorbike or dashing his paper aeroplane. And nowadays you’re watching your tiny baby develop into a gangly youngster with an entirely new tone of voice and thoughts.

Perhaps, lately out of the blue you have discovered that your parenting manner is falling short of his new desires and requirements.

Don’t be troubled too much, we all find ourselves wallowing a bit when we recognize that our kids have actually knocked puberty!

Firstly, just relax yourself! You must not be unsure of your role. Suppressing your confidence under it would do no good, neither to you nor to your child.

Just keep the emotion called “embarrassment” away from you, as more you’re going to cling to it, the more you’ll be feeling useless.


Unnoticed facts

Your child probably knows more about puberty than you think he shows or does. He is exposed to this coming fact in his life way in advance, thanks to the informative television shows and advertisements.

Puberty in particular is just one of the adult concepts which need your reassurance when it comes to explaining things to him.
Here are some directs in order to prepare yourself as well as your son for the turbulent coming of puberty years.

It all initiates when...

• Hormonal changes related to puberty will start for about a year in advance, before any of the physical changes approach.

What should you expect?


• He would have gained about 28 to 30 centimeters of height. He will be leaner in proportions with more muscle than chubbiness and will have comparatively wide shoulders and bony hips.

• His voice will begin to chink and intensify towards the end of the puberty process.

• Hands and feet are likely to grow faster than the arms and legs.

• He’ll have facial hair all over his body, especially underarm and face.

• He will initiate turning out semen sometime between the ages of 12 to 16.

• He is likely to have wet dreams or may ejaculate when he is masturbating.


Capture the moment as it comes...

•    Be ready to face any kind of question that crops us tackling all the issues honestly and reassuring him with the belief that it is just a phase and shall pass soon.
•    It would be great to attach new wings to your relationship now, even if you haven’t had such open conversations with him before.
•    Also bear in mind that he must have heard about tons of puberty-related stuff in his school and when he is with friends, so just make him feel comfortable with your conversation.


Maintain an optimistic self-esteem...


Psychologists are of an opinion that parents should never criticize their own body or their kid’s body in front of their kids. As this is bound to leave a negative impact and is likely to hinder his overall personality.

Instead, support him to get enough exercise and eat healthy food.

You can also help him in exploring his inner self, as this will help him in understanding that self isn’t just the outside self and each one of us are exclusive in some way or the other.

One may even notice that during this puberty phase, your son is likely to push you away and doesn’t want you to be a part of his activity in any way, even when you are trying to be his best friend.

Just remember, that this is a passing phase and deal with oodles of patience. After all, soon he is going to be your kid-turned-man and would want to relate with you as an adult and as a friend.


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