Pregnancy Week 7 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

If you are in week 7 and looking for the related details then you have reached the right place, know all about pregnancy development in the week seven.

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PregnancyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jun 24, 2018
Pregnancy Week 7 - Pregnancy Week by Week Development

In the 7th week of pregnancy there are no evident changes in the physical appearance of women. Others may even not be able to notice that you are pregnant.  It is important to keep up your strength by eating well and taking plenty of rest.

Pregnancy Week by Week - Growth of Baby in 7th Week

In the seventh week of pregnancy the baby undergoes a lot of developmental changes. So it is essential to be on healthy diet and take your vitamins on time.

  • Technically speaking, in the seventh week the baby is still an embryo but the hands and feet start emerging
  • The size of baby at the 7th week is about 0.44 to 0.52 inches. The baby has grown double in size from that in the sixth week
  • Hair, nipple follicles, eyelids and the tongue of the baby will start developing in this week of pregnancy. Moreover the internal organs have already start developing and can be clearly noticed by an ultrasound
  • The task of producing red blood cells is taken by liver till the time bone marrow is formed and starts its work
  • Heart that is already growing has started to form and the heartbeat of the baby is now clear on a sonogram
  • In this week the nerves and muscles of the baby start forming

Changes in Mother’s Body in 7th Week

As mentioned before, there are no physical changes in your appearance but the changes inside your body might make you quite uneasy.  In the 7th week you may have headaches, frequent urination, ingestion, mood swings and constipation. The increasing size of the uterus puts pressure on your bladder leading to frequent urination. Due to morning sickness you may not feel like eating as well.

Since every woman is different so even experiences during pregnancy differ. Some women gain weight while others don't. This change in weight is the body's way of adjusting with the growth of the baby inside the womb. By the seventh week of pregnancy, a woman has about ten percent of extra blood than what she had before she conceived.

Moreover, craving for food will also increase by pregnancy week 7. Craving is normal but you must keep a check on it.

Advice for 7 Weeks Pregnant Woman

Morning sickness and nausea may remain for a few more weeks. Experts suggest that watermelon is good for easing the problem of morning sickness. If nausea is troubling you, then it is better to take small meals and have proper rest. Salted food such as potato chips can contribute to the feeling of nausea. If you feel that any of the pregnancy symptoms are getting severe, then it is best to talk to your doctor about it.

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