What happens when Conjunctivitis and Pregnancy mashes up

If a pregnant woman catches conjunctivitis it is definitely a compromised situation. Find out all about it and what you should do at such times.

Sharanya Manola
PregnancyWritten by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: May 10, 2011Updated at: Nov 13, 2013
What happens when Conjunctivitis and Pregnancy mashes up

Ophthalmologist at Shivam Netralaya, Dr. Ashok Hansaria says pregnancy is just a physiological condition but if a pregnant woman catches viral eye flu/conjunctivitis it is definitely a compromised situation.


eye flu and pregnancyConjunctivitis which is more commonly known as pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is a clear membrane covering the white portion of your eye, and also the inner surface of the eyelids. When you get a pink eye you will obviously be alarmed, as it is common for this infection to spread rapidly. You must however know that it is a common condition and usually goes away within a week’s time. It has never caused any long term damage to the eye.

Here are some causes for conjunctivitis:


When you have eyes that are red with yellow or green drainage oozing in the eye throughout the day and night then it is bacteria who should be blamed. You will find that your eyelids swell up.


If you find that your eyes are very red but there are no drainage, or may be only just a small amount of it then it is viral conjunctivitis. This usually affects both the eyes.


This allergic conjunctivitis is usually seasonal and usually occurs during spring. In this type of conjunctivitis your will find that your eyes are red with no drainage, and it is usually very itchy.

Foreign Body

This usually affects only one eye when a piece of sand or dirt gets stuck under the eyelid. It causes redness, tearing, pain and drainage.

Scratched Eye

This can cause redness, tearing and is usually very painful, and this too affects only one eye.


You must keep following points in mind

  • Inform your doctor about your pregnancy. A couple of antibiotics can have adverse effects on you and your child. Although it is better not to take any medications but your eye specialist would first determine which kind of eye flu or pink eye it is and prescribe medicines accordingly.
  • Do not refer to websites that recommend medicines for eye flu or conjunctivitis. The composition of medicines might be diametrically opposite to your biological requirement.
  • Avoid self medication or buying medicines over-the-counter. It is the best to take antibiotics and eye drops as prescribed by your eye specialist.
  • Eye flu or pink eye is self-limiting. Isolate yourself and recover fully from it by taking precautionary measures such as cleaning eyes with cotton wool soaked in water, avoiding sharing of towels or rubbing eyes.
  • Dr Hansaria adds, “Pregnant women must take nutritious diet because body’s demand for oxygen and other nutrients is on the higher side. Even the metabolic rate of pregnant women is much higher which is essentially important to provide ample amount of nutrition to the fetus.

It is the best that you see a doctor immediately if you’re expecting and have contracted conjuncttivitis. The tricky part is when it comes to take medications for it, as you are pregnant not all medicines will suit you. Consulting your doctor is must.

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