Post-sex Talk Healthy for Relationships

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 27, 2012

RelationhipIf you are one of those men who doze off right after a passionate phase of intercourse, you are not doing your relationship any favour! A new study has revealed that pillow talk right after passionate times in bed are as essential for ladies as the sex itself. University of Michigan researchers conducted a study on behaviour of people after sex and found that the men who go to sleep right after sex leave their partner insecure and desirous of attention.

According to the study, cuddling and talking after sex is the way people express and emphasise the commitment to each other. The findings of the research were based on a study of 456 people. Lead study author, Daniel Kruger said that it is men who are more likely to sleep first. It was emphasised that the time people spend after sex may well be more important with regards to building a relationship.

Although the hormonal differences between men and women are also responsible for men sleeping more than women, but womenfolk would like their men to be more considerate. The release of hormones in your body after sex is different in men and women. However, the feeling of relaxation is a common experience of both, in women more of oxytocin is released while in men, it is progesterone. Oxytocin is linked to feeling of security and caring for oneself while progesterone is the hormone that tells the men to “lay more eggs”. The release of endorphin, the relaxation hormone, takes over more in men than women after sex.



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