Pet care at the touch of a mouse

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Oct 26, 2010

Active! tells you about a new website that caters to the health of your pets and maintains records that are accessible in real time


Any animal lover or pet owner will vouch for the fact that pets add colour to your life and make it worth living. So, it is natural that you would be concerned about the health of your dog, cat, furry rabbit or parrot.


Now, a week-old website launched by veterinary physician Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar Shah takes animal care to a whole new virtual dimension.


The website is based on the American Vetport model, which utilises specific veterinary software allowing you to maintain records of your pets online.


After all, if you prefer to keep your medical records in real time for emergencies, the same standards should apply for your pet as well.


As soon you log in, it becomes obvious that the website caters to animals, thanks to the colourful sketches of dogs, cats, goats and cows that adorn the main page. It is quite vibrant and easy-on-the-eyes as compared to other health-related websites.


The site has minimal tabs and is fairly easy to navigate. It lists the services they provide, which includes diagnostic services, surgical care, dentistry and grooming. If you pay a fee of Rs 500 per year, you get to subscribe to their record services which allows you to access medical records of your pet around the clock, from anywhere around the world.


You can also schedule appointments online, upload X-rays or post the symptoms that the animal is suffering from, which creates a medical journal of sorts. If you have any questions or comments about your pet, you can post them on the site and it will be later incorporated in the reports.


If you don't want to miss your buddy's next vaccination date, the site issues online reminders and also informs you on which vaccines are due or overdue. You can print animal boarding certificates issued by the doctor (required for travelling) and print lab work associated with your pet.


This can come in handy in times of medical emergencies if you are stuck in a different city. They will soon start posting upcoming events at the clinic on the site as well, such as pet care workshops or grooming sessions and update users on the latest pet accessories such as funky collars and brushes that they source.


Our only grudge is that the website is still not fully updated. For instance, the library section is still to be operational and the services section merely lists activities without giving detailed information. Also, several of the services they offer do not find mention on the site.


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