Newborn Care Videos

  • How to child-proof your home

    How to child-proof your home

    Children are full of energy and as they grow they become more active and start bumping themselves into things. Being a parent it may worry you a lot but our expert will help you make your home childproof. Babies usually start moving around when they are 8- 9 months.

  • How to prevent your newborn from cold and cough

    How to prevent your newborn from cold and cough

    Change in weather conditions can get your newborn in trouble. A newly born child can easily catch cold. Children from 1 to 4 years of age can have as many as 8-10 episodes of cold and cough every year due to viruses.

  • Premature Birth Complications

    Premature Birth Complications

    A baby's due date is calculated from the end of mother's menstrual cycle. Premature births occur three to six weeks ahead of the calculated date. Such births deprive the baby of the time that the baby needs for development in the womb.

  • Initial Hiccups in Breastfeeding

    Initial Hiccups in Breastfeeding

    Dr. Asha Sharma , gynaecologist in Rockland hospita, says that don’t worry if your newborn experiences initial hiccups in breastfeeding because hiccups in newborns are completely normal. Hiccups may last for a minute or up to an hour, but causes no harm to your baby.

  • Advantages of Breastfeeding

    Advantages of Breastfeeding

    Dr. Asha Sharma, Gynecologist, Rockland Hospital, New Delhi says that breastfeeding is the best food for baby as it’s full of essential nutrients. Breast milk contains right amount of water, fat and proteins that baby needs for his growth and development.

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