Now, a Drug that can Halt spread of Cancer

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Nov 26, 2012

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Now a Drug that can Halt spread of Cancer


A team of scientists in London have developed a new drug that can put fatal tumourous cells to sleep and thereby, stop them from multiplying. The Aflibercet drug tricks the tumour cells to sleep by way of flipping the molecular switches in the cancer’s structure to bring its spread to halt.


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The drug has already begun to be used on people in the UK where trials have shown positive results with people enjoying an extension of life. Over 1400 patients were a part of the trial of which some who suffered advanced bowel cancer and had already gone through chemotherapy enjoyed an extension of two years of their life.

The scientists opine that the drug could be used in future studies to study its results across a variety of cancers because there is a chance the drug may have a better effect on other cancers. The drug is available in the U.S as of now and is awaiting approval in Europe.


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