Natures bounty for a beautiful you

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Sep 23, 2010

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, which keep the body healthy. Fruits should be eaten fresh and raw. Many vegetables can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. The vitamins and minerals nourish the skin and hair, while enzymes help to cleanse the skin of dead cells.

Lemon: Lemon should not be applied undiluted on the skin. It can be added to skin toners. Lemon juice mixed with rose water helps oily skin.


Apples: Apples contain pectin and tannin, which help to tone and tighten the skin. Pectin has a soothing effect on sensitive skin. Apples are wonderful skin toners, helping to tighten the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Apples also have anti-oxidant properties.


Papaya: In beauty treatments, papaya is very useful for breaking down the dead skin cells. It is useful for the cleansing of oily skins. Ripe papaya pulp can be applied on the face.

Mango: Mango is rich in Vitamins A and C, which helps in toning and rejuvenating the skin. It helps delay the visible signs of skin ageing. It is also said to strengthen the hair roots. Mango pulp keeps the skin soft. It is suited to all skin types. It is an anti-oxidant and has astringent qualities and tightens the pores.

Orange: The fruit pulp can be included in fruit masks. Orange peels can be dried in the sun and the paste can be added to face masks. It has a cleansing and skin lightening effect. In fact, raw orange peels can be rubbed on the nails to remove discolouration.

Cucumber: It is an astringent and helps to tighten the skin. It helps to reduce oiliness and tighten the pores. Cucumber juice can be added to rose water and used as a skin toner for oily skin.

Potato: Potatoes help to clear away skin blemishes. Potato slices help in rashy conditions. It helps reduce puffiness around the eyes. Potato juice can also be mixed with cucumber juice for treatments around the eyes.

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You have not mentioned your skin type. You have to take daily care of the skin according to skin type. You can use a facial scrub once or twice a week. You can either buy a facial scrub, or you can mix rice powder with curd and use as a facial scrub. Apply on the face and rub gently on the skin using small circular movements. Leave on for five minutes and then wash off with water.  Do not apply scrubs on pimples, acne or rash. Mix one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice and apply daily on the face, at any time. Twice a week mix together one teaspoon curd, one teaspoon honey,  four teaspoons oatmeal and egg white. Apply on face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes and wash off after 20 to 30 minutes.


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