Natural changes in men

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Feb 01, 2013

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Problems in erection

The ability to have an erection and sustain it for a long time gradually decreases with age. It might take you longer to achieve an erection. Even if full erection is achieved, it lacks firmness. The causes behind it can be psychological or physiological. Pressure to perform can be a dampener to erection.

Tip: Direct physical touch or stimulus can help to get an erection for the man. Continued stimulation and intimacy by the partner will help; rubbing of genitals between the partners can work too. Experiment with different kinds of stimuli, use sex toys as an aid to arouse your partner.

Tip: Reduce stress by talking to your partner, sharing fears and to develop better bonding. The pressure to perform can kill your pleasure and needs to be dealt by calming your nerves.



The inability to achieve and maintain an erection is called impotence. Health conditions such as diabetes, prostate diseases which generally are age related diseases may be a cause behind impotence. Stress, anxiety and depression are psychological causes which affect your sexual health. Many medications of age related diseases can cause impotence.

Tip: Consult an urologist or a sex therapist and get medication.

Tip: Viagra, a prescribed drug for treatment of impotence. Side effects include headache, facial or all over body flushing and indigestion. People with cardiovascular diseases or blood pressure problems should not take them. Consult a doctor.


Ejaculation problems


The urge to ejaculate or have an orgasm may reduce considerably. Ageing can affect quality, quantity and frequency of ejaculations.



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