Myths about Oral Sex Busted

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Aug 29, 2011

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Myths about Oral Sex Busted

If you think that having oral sex will keep you safe from contracting any sexually transmitted diseases, think again! There is always a risk of contracting sexually transmitted infection (STI) when having any kind of sex with an unknown partner. Most of the publicity and awareness drives about the risks of having unprotected sex focuses on HIV, but the risk of other STIs is no less.


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Gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes can always be contracted through unprotected oral sex. That is why doctors always advice you to ask about the sexual history of your partner before jumping in the sac for oral or normal sex.


Oral Sex Myths and their True Explanation


  • HIV is not transferred through Oral Sex or Kissing – The chances of contracting an STI through oral sex is much less but there is a chance all the same. When there are tears or sores in genitals or mouth, so that there is a contact between mucus membranes of the mouth with the vaginal fluids, virus can be transferred from one person to another. Similarly, cuts, sores or bleeding gums in the mouth can.


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  • Symptoms of STIs can be spotted – Most STIs do not show up any symptoms. They are asymptomatic, i.e. their symptoms are not apparent. One may get rashes or feel itchiness but these symptoms are not easy to spot. So, do not go about having oral sex without worrying about contracting the infection. Use protection and also get yourself screened for STIs.
  • STIs do not pose long-term health hazards – STIs may not stay put at the same part of your body. They have a tendency to shift to other parts such as heart, brain, kidneys if left untreated. Moreover, if left unchecked and not treated in time, it is not impossible that the STIs would cause long-term damage to reproductive organs. The damage can be serious and can even make you sterile. The fact that the STIs are asymptomatic increases the chance of the infection spreading unawares.


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  • Brushing your teeth can prevent you from contracting STI – In fact the opposite can be true. Brushing may cause minute tears in your mouth which can allow transmission of the STI bacteria. Flossing or brushing before or after sex is good only for making your mouth smell better. It can actually tear the lining of gums and make it easy for the virus to infect. For protection, condoms or dental dams are the best ways.


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