Multiple sclerosis in pregnancy not risky

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Dec 13, 2011

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Multiple sclerosis in pregnancy not risky

ANI | Jun 27, 2011, 02.54pm IST

A Canadian study has concluded that having multiple sclerosis during pregnancy does not have a negative impact on birth outcomes.

Previous studies had indicated that up to one-third of women with MS bear children after disease onset, underscoring the need to understand the effects of maternal MS on pregnancy outcomes.

Dr. Helen Tremlett at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute in Vancouver, Canada, and her colleagues analyzed data from the British Columbia (BC) MS Clinics' database and the BC Perinatal Database Registry between 1998 and 2009.

They identified 432 births to women with MS and 2975 to women without the disease, comparing gestational age, birth weight, type of birth (vaginal versus caesarean section). Age at MS onset, disease duration and level of disability were also examined.

The results showed that babies born to mothers with MS did not have a significantly different mean gestational age or birth weight compared to babies born to healthy mothers.

Mothers with MS were not more likely to have a vaginal delivery or C-section.

Researchers noted that MS mothers with greater levels of disability had a slightly elevated risk of adverse delivery outcomes.

"Our finding that MS was not associated with poor pregnancy or birth outcomes should be reassuring to women with MS who are planning to start a family," said Tremlett.

The findings appear in Annals of Neurology .


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