Try these yoga mudras 5 minutes everyday to ease up your asthma symptoms

Mudras for Asthma: The asthma mudra and the bronchial mudra are two of the most effective yogic methods for treatment of the disease.

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YogaWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Aug 21, 2017Updated at: Aug 21, 2017
Try these yoga mudras 5 minutes everyday to ease up your asthma symptoms

There are two mudras in Yoga that are very useful for the asthma condition. These are called the asthma mudra and the bronchial mudra. In addition to yogasanas for asthmatics, you can perform these  two one after another, and continue till the breathing calms down. You need to do these for five times each day for 5 minutes each.

Method of asthma mudra

Fold the middle finger of both your hands so that their fingernails are positioned as touching each other. Keep the other fingers of both the hands straight and extended as much as possible. This is considered to be a very effective mudra for preventing asthma attacks.

Method of bronchial mudra

Place your little finger at the bottom of the thumb and the ring finger on the upper thumb joint. Now, place the middle finger on the pad of the thumb and likewise expand your index finger. Make use of this mudra for at least 4 to 6 minutes.

These two mudras complement each other in their effect on treating asthma. You need to focus on your breathing while performing these mudras. Bring your consciousness on your abdomen, stomach, chest, throat, forehead and the head’s top; i.e. at the seven chakras. Hold your breath for about five seconds after each inhalation and exhalation.

When you exhale, bring your consciousness from top to bottom, counting backwards from 7 to 1. You should be able to patiently bear with urge to breathe in after this. As the inhale starts to come, bring your consciousness from bottom to the top of the head. You should understand that the pause that you take after inhaling as well as exhaling are important phases for the treatment to work.

Mudras are very useful for the treatment of asthma as they have an impact on the biological map on the brain of a person. Medical science calls it the homonculous man. This is sought to be manipulated through the mudras in order to produce a positive effect on your autonomous nervous system, which controls your heart rate and breath rate. With the help of these mudras, you can gain control over your heart and breath rate, which is not the easiest thing to achieve.

You can also use these yogic techniques for treating other respiratory problems. Finding 5 minutes for 5 minutes in your day cannot be too difficult for effective treatment of asthma.

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