Methods for Spiritual Healing

Methods for Spiritual Healing- Different methods of spiritual healing are believed to show better results than the medications. If one have faith in spiritual healing it can be practiced anywhere and at any given time.

Pratima Sharma
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Methods for Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing techniques Spiritual healing is a concept that has been in existence since times immemorial, though very few people believe in its ability to heal problems that even the doctors might not have an answer to. Spiritual healing is not something that can be taught in a classroom or learnt from lot of reading. It is something that can be learnt only through experience. Moreover, the results of spiritual healing are much better than what you can expect from a medicine prescribed by a doctor. The most fascinating aspect of spiritual healing is that anyone can practice it and become an expert without undertaking classes or certificate programs. However, as far as health benefits are concerned, a doctor who is an expert in spiritual healing is the best source for seeking the right solution in a short period.


Three most important things to consider about Spiritual Healing:

  • Your body can easily fix itself as long as it is exposed to the right physical as well as energetic conditions.
  • Considering that God is omnipotent, nothing in the world is impossible under his eyes.
  • Human beings are merely instruments of change and God is the primary healer. This reminder should be of utmost importance to you especially if you are using the methods of spiritual healing to heal someone else.


Spiritual Healing Methods

Some of the most preferred and beginner level methods for spiritual healing are:

Spiritual Healing Methods:  The Healing Thought Form

Thought form is something that an individual creates using the power of their imagination. In this method, the healer is supposed to close her/his eyes and visualise a thought form that surrounds the respective object or form that needs healing. The form can be a specific part of the healer’s body or someone else’s body or the entire body of a person. The thought form should be a ball of energy with white light inside enveloped by a blue light surrounded by a layer of green light with the object or form in the middle. The white light is meant to purify, the blue light signifies the flame of God’s will that realigns the body with the divine blueprint and the green light is for restoring wholeness.


Spiritual Healing Methods:  Violet Fire for Healing

A violet flame is the fire of the Holy Spirit, which transforms negativity or negative energy into positive energy. The practitioners of spiritual healing believe that every disease is derived from negativity which can be curbed through the violet flames. To perform this healing method, the healer must close the eyes and imagine the form or object to be in the middle of violet flames.


Spiritual Healing Methods:  Call to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary


Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary are the angels of healing. To heal, the healer can pray to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary to relieve you or someone else from any condition.


Spiritual healing can be practiced anywhere and at any time as long as there is enough concentration and faith in the spiritual healing methods.