Menopause and Midlife Crisis

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Feb 21, 2012

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Menopause and Midlife Crisis

Menopause causes dramatic emotional and physical changes in women due to reducing hormonal levels.  Many women find it difficult to accept and cope up with menopause and midlife crisis but it can be effectively dealt with depending on how one looks at it. Following certain tips will help women in dealing with menopause and midlife crisis.


  • Weight gain, insomnia, mood swings and hot flashes are common in menopause. Reduced levels of the hormone estrogen, the body’s thermostat, causes a shift in body temperature which results in other visible effects of menopause.
  • Coupled with today’s stressful lifestyle factors – hectic jobs, aging parents and child care responsibilities, most women the phase during menopause and midlife crisis tough to deal with. However being prepared for menopause and midlife crisis can help women cope up better.
  • Seek a counsellor or talk to other women in the same life phase to gain help.  Follow a vigorous aerobics exercise routine to keep excess fat away. Besides, exercise will also uplift your mood and make you feel energetic throughout the day. It will also help in getting better sleep. Studies have proven that regular exercise helps in improving bone density, improves blood circulation and reduces hot flashes by as much as fifty percent in women.
  • Diet control is also very important during menopause. Intake of folate and omega 3 fatty acids found in green leafy vegetables and fish helps in controlling hormone related depression. Eat healthy snacks at regular intervals throughout the day to keep the blood sugar level in check, which in turn, will help in reducing other menopausal side effects such as mood swings and irritability. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, women start feeling better about themselves and their bodies.  This could even lead to a more active sex life. Frequent sex has its own benefits such as improved circulation and enhanced mood which can help one deal with menopause and midlife crisisfar effectively.


Menopause is something that women have to go through someday or the other. Although menopause brings along several physical and emotional changes, many women can find it to be very liberating too. There are many benefits that come along with menopause -freedom from menstrual cycles; you can indulge in frequent sex without protection;and pregnancy prevention is not a cause of concern. With healthy eating and exercise habits, women can start enjoying life again.


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