Menopause Effects on Marriage

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Jul 03, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Menopausal women tend to lose interest in sex.
  • They go through mood swings or abrupt behavioural changes.
  • Most women tend to put on weight and lose hair.
  • This imbalance can often result in major marital discords.


Menopause is an inevitable truth in every woman’s life and is often shrouded in a thousand fears. Most of the apprehensions are related to the fate of marital relationships in general, and sex life in particular. Although the average age for the onset of this condition is considered to be around 45 years, menopausal symptoms might start showing way ahead of this age.

Most of these symptoms are related to hormonal changes which reflect in behavioural patterns, sexual libido and physical appearance. All these can have seemingly unpleasant repercussions on marriage, in various ways. However, it all depends on the sensitivity and depth of the relationship you share with your partner. If he is a supportive husband, such problems can be easily managed without any major unpleasantness.

Marriages which successfully tide through these difficult times are certainly based on deeper understanding, thus helping one partner to empathise with the other.

Menopause Effects on Marriage

Menopausal Repercussions on Marriage 

Menopause effects on marriage can often assume serious repercussions. Some of the most common menopausal side effects which can lead to potential marital discord are listed below.


  • The Sex Life: A normal healthy sex life is not only an essential ingredient for happy existence; it is apparently great for your marriage too. Marital sex is often considered to be an expression of love and intimacy for each other, which strengthens the relationship in many ways. Couples who indulge in the act more often are known to be happier and more content in each other’s company. As menopause sets in, women tend to lose interest in sex and physical intimacy. They tend to shirk from it, which can sometimes baffle the partner. This imbalance in sexual desires can often result in major discords too. However, always remember that it is the hormones which are to blame and not your partner. She needs your support to handle these changes effectively.
  • Behavioural Patterns: Effects of menopause on marriage can also be related to mood swings or abrupt behavioural changes in women. The fluctuating hormone levels are responsible for such changes. Menopausal women are known to exhibit high tempers and irritation, for the smallest reason possible. Naturally, husbands may find it difficult to cope with and understand such erratic behaviour, especially at the outset. These might result in misunderstandings and quarrels, thus hampering domestic peace.
  • Physical Changes: Menopausal side effects also have to do with changes in the physical appearance of women. Most women tend to put on weight and lose hair as they approach menopause. As a result their self-esteem might also take a hit.  Your husband might also find it difficult to handle such changes with ease. He might not be able to deal with this sudden change in the way he has perceived their partner for years. Physical changes are more likely to hamper marriages which are primarily based on physical as well as sexual attraction. However, sensitive partners are more likely to take this in their stride. For them, the person lying within this external shroud is any day more important. Remember, it is not easy for your partner to accept such negative changes in her appearance. The least you can do is to help her face this. 

These are some of the most common impacts menopause can have on marital relationships. However, there are ways in which you can cure and control them effectively.


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