Men and Women Can’t be Friends

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jul 26, 2012

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Men and Women Cant be Friends

According to a recent study, a man’s friendships with the opposite sex are stimulated by sexual attraction irrespective of whether both are single or in a relationship. As far as women are concerned, they are likely to consider their relationship with a male as platonic and wish for something more if their relationship with their partner is in trouble.

According to the researchers of the study, the study had negative consequences for people, who were in long-term relationships. To do the study, the researchers did a survey on 88 pairs of young female and male friends and asked them to rate their attraction towards each other in a confidential questionnaire. When the survey results were checked, it was found out that men irrespective of whether they were single or not were attracted to their female friends and wanted to go on a date. This was not observed in the case of women. These men also assumed that their female friends were romantically interested in them when the latter were not. Attached women seemed to want something out of their friendships only when they had trouble in their romantic relationship. It was also found that women were less attracted to attached men.

The study was published in the journal of Social and Personal Relationships.



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