Marriage and Cancer Survival Rate

There is a link between cancer survival rate and marriage.

Pratima Sharma
CancerWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Nov 10, 2011
Marriage and Cancer Survival Rate

Marriage and survival rate cancer

There has been a strong correlation between marriage and survival rate for cancer. A Norwegian Study which spanned a period of 40 years had emerged with facts stating that single men had an 18% higher chance of succumbing to cancer when compared to married men. These figures were generated way back in 1970. Recent studies conducted have reported that bachelors were actually at a risk of 35% more with respect to cancer deaths, than married individuals! Therefore, the trend remains a prominent and sustained one.

The sacred institution of marriage helps men considerably in their fight against cancer. But how can the correlation be explained? Listed below are some relevant facts which can help in better understanding.

Marriage and Cancer Survival Rate

  • When you have a dedicated wife to take care of your health needs, fighting deadly diseases such as cancer becomes simpler. Wives are known to be committed and vigilant care givers. They help in monitoring the condition of their husbands as the ailment progresses, so that the diseases can be limited as much as possible. They also see to it that there aren’t lapses in medicine schedules and treatment procedures, thus ensuring a better response to the disease.
  • Wives are also known to provide excellent emotional support which helps husbands in combating fatal diseases. The initial diagnosis of a terminal illness such as cancer can be disturbing enough to devastate a person. He may find it difficult to keep up his spirits, thus giving up hope, even before the battle begins. In such cases, a wife or a partner has a crucial role to play. She would be the right person to motivate the patient and instil courage in him.
  • Marriage and survival rate of cancer are also associated with each other because of the positive lifestyle changes a wife or partner can ring in. For example, she may be a great example setter, helping you to refrain from smoking, drinking, overeating, unhealthy binging etc. She would also be the right person to check you every time you make unhealthy choices in life. Healthier lifestyle would definitely help you in building stronger resistance against the disease.

Although the correlation between marriage and survival rate cancer seems like a positive one, there could be certain loopholes here as well. For example, the role of a wife can easily be played by a dedicated friend, a mate or a live- in partner as well! It all depends on the support provided by loved ones that can help you lead a healthier life.


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