Make Your Marriage Work

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 24, 2011

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Marriage can get monotonous and boring with all the routine. So make your marriage fun by doing something different than usual, something unexpected to bring the spark back!

  • Set some time aside everyday for “couple time”. Talk and share everyday stuff and make it a pleasurable time which both of you will look forward to everyday. Spend time doing “nothing” and show affection by cuddling and teasing.
  • Engage in an activity which both of you will enjoy and discover more about each other. A dance class, golfing or even cooking all of the extra activity can make you see the other side of your partner which you do not get to see every day.
  • Travel more, even if they are weekend trips not only will it de-stress you but will make you run away from a patterned life. Sharing new experience will help you bond.
  • Humor is good for the health and relationship. Watch a funny movie or read jokes as it reduces stress and makes it a fun experience.
  • Behave like kids and engage in board games! Believe it or not, it is fun. Challenge your partner and wait for the adrenalin rush.


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