Love Teachings of Kamasutra

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Nov 27, 2012

Love Teachings of Kamasutra

The first word that spurts in a person’s mind when he/she hears of Kamasutra is sex. In fact, Kamasutra, which is otherwise known as aphorisms on love is much more than what it looks like. It has 1250 verses divided into parts, chapters and paragraphs. The Vatsayana compiled the works of various earlier authors, the chief among whom was Babhravya. His work is about attending to the three Purusharthas or endeavours that are taught about in ancient books namely, Dharma, Artha and Kama. The last one of these, i.e. Kama is the concept of righteous enjoyment of the senses, including healthy sexual pleasure.


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Part One: Introduction

The first part spills over one’s observations on the three worldly attainments of virtue, namely virtue, wealth and love. It also focuses on the study of sixty four arts, on arrangements of the house household furniture, the daily life of a citizen as it should be, amusements, etc. As far as descriptions on women are concerned, the first chapter of the Kamasutra talks exclusively about classes of women that is fit and unfit for congress with the citizen, friends and messengers.

Part Two: Sexual Union

The second part of the Kamasutra describes the kind of union according to force of desire, dimensions, time and depending on the different kinds of love. It has detailed advice on the importance of embracing, kissing, pressing or leaving marks on the partner’s body by using nails, various ways of lying down, different types of congress, biting and different ways in which love must be employed with regards to the country a woman belongs to, various ways of striking and the type of sounds that are closest to them, holding the man’s member in the mouth, beginning and ending the congress, the different kinds of love quarrels and congress.

Part Three: Acquisition of Wife

In the third part, the Kamasutra puts light on observation on marriage and betrothal, creating confidence in the girl, manifestation of feelings by outward deeds and signs, things that must be done only by the man, the acquisition of the girl, what a girl should do to gain over her man and thereby, subject him to her and on the forms of marriage.

Part Four: About the Wife

The fourth part explains the manner of living of a virtuous wife, her behaviour when her husband is absent, the conduct of the eldest wife towards the other wives and of the youngest wife to the elders. Among other type of women for whom the Kamasutra has a list of conduct laid out include Virgin Widow remarried, a wife that is disliked by the husband, a woman in the king’s harem and a husband who has more than one wife.

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Part Five: Wives of other People

The fifth part describes the characteristics of men and women and the reason why women men’s addresses, men who have been successful with women, women who are easily gained over, about making acquaintance with the woman and trying to gain her over, examination of the state of the woman’s mind, business of a go-between, keeping one’s own wife, etc.

Part Six: Courtesans

The sixth part explains the causes of a courtesan resorting to men, the kind of man  that is likely to be desirable to be acquainted with, about a courtesan living with a man as his wife, of the ways in which one can get money, the signs of a lover who is almost weary and the ways in which one can get rid of him, about the reunion with a old lover, the different kinds of gain, attendant gains and losses, doubts, different kinds of courtesans, etc.

Part Seven: Means of attracting others to One’s Self

The seventh part describes personal adornment, subjugation one’s heart to others, tonic medicines, the means of exciting desire and the ways of enlarging the man’s member.


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The Kamasutra can be described as a technical guide for enhancement of sexual pleasure as it has helped people enjoy love making at a much deeper level than they could have hoped. Those who want to go through it should do justice to the work by studying it completely.


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