Love codes of men deciphered

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Feb 01, 2013

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Love codes of men deciphered The cliché about men being from Mars and women from Venus is quite a bulls-eye, if one knows what both parties expect out of each other romantically – which the following amply provides.


•    Courtship Acts

Men will bend all over backwards, doing things not at all natural to them, to win over their dates. Dr. Kamal Khurana, marriage and relationship therapist says, “In the pursuit of possession, men tend to present their best and convince their dates that they are the best.”

Sending flowers, cuddling and being nice to everyone you know – from your cat to your friends are not default actions programmed in your man’s head. And, once the love boat starts sailing, disappointment can gather when your man starts to let go or go in a different direction altogether. For instance, his uninhibited burps are actually his way of saying, “I love you so much I’m totally comfortable around you”!


•    Gifting Rituals


Something that is quite baffling to them. See, men think of gifts as something that should be practical, like a shaving kit, or a beer cooler. They do not understand why women need jewellery.

Gift idea clashes can’t be more precise that what the Ipsos Insight survey of 1000 men and women revealed. On Valentine’s Day, 22% of men gift lingerie to their partners, whereas only 2% of women want that!

•    Dates That Aren’t


For a man, dating means sharing an activity that they love with the woman they love. So, when you find yourself sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching Star Wars by the side of your guy, look at the brighter side – he’s welcoming you to his world! Because being lazy is what he loves and if you are partaking of the same thing – why, you’re connecting! And that is what Dr. Khurana says, “Instead of entering a relationship with preconceived expectations, one should focus more on what is important – that is, relating to each other.”

Chitra, a 22 year old engineer, says, “I’ve been with Shayan for over 2 years now, Stockholm syndrome or not, we actually love to spend a quiet weekend with pizza take-out and chilled beer, and in the end go for Mafia movies!”


•    Mister Fixer


Your girlfriend would hear you out and pass suitable sympathetic noises when you are venting. Your guy would dish out solutions like there’s no tomorrow. Sounds familiar? It’s just the way they are programmed. Dr. Khurana says, “Men think of accomplishments in tangible terms, whereas women view it more emotionally.” If he loves you, he will want to fix your world – and just sitting and listening to your problems will not do that now, will it?

Next time you find your man doing something completely inappropriate - but looking so earnest that it’s heart-breaking – give him a break. It’s his own manly, Martian way of showing he cares.



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