Love at first sight? No, it happens at fourth sight

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Sep 07, 2016

What is love at first sight? Do you just look at someone and that is it, you fall for them and know that you will be spending the rest of your life with them? What is the exact concept of falling in love with someone at first sight? Or is it all just a myth?


love at first sight


I had this one friend. One day we went to this carnival together and there he saw a girl and fell in love with her. We were surprised by his sudden interest in that girl but the fact was that he seemed quite in love with her. Nothing seemed to bother him about her, they fought, they had disagreements but he was in love and it looked pretty real, the love. He later on married her. So it took just one look and it was enough for him to fall for her. The concept of love at first sight was real in his case but how many actual cases are there where you just look at someone and fall for them.

If you are looking at someone and feel a sudden attraction towards them, it cannot be because of their personality; you cannot just look at someone and start loving them. In my friend’s case, he looked at the girl and fell in love with her face and then later on, he started liking her as a person, so basically you cannot call it love at first sight.

And a recent study reveals that there is no such thing as love at first sight. Some researchers from Hamilton College in the US conducted a study and have found out that you at least need four days to fall in love with someone.

An experiment was done where some single men and women volunteered and it was found out that it took at least 4 meetings, the more they met each other, they felt attracted towards each other.

As per the research, you can be extremely infatuated with someone at first look but you would not fall in love with them until the fourth meet. The research further reveals that you will have to meet someone 4 times at least, love is a later thing. You can just like someone at first sight for the way they look but if you don’t like them after meeting them next, you cannot fall in love with them. So, whether you love someone or not, solely depends upon their personality that you only get to get acquainted with in next 4 meetings.

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