Loss of Exual Desire in Men and Women

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Feb 01, 2013

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A decreased or no desire to indulge in sex is known as loss of sexual desire. Many people experience a temporary loss of interest in their sexual life from time to time. There can be various reasons behind this, mostly which are lifestyle related. Fluctuations in sex drive or desire are normal but continued disinterest can result in unhappy relationships and needs a doctor’s advice.


Why it happens?


Loss of sexual desire in both men and women can have many causes which can range from psychological to other related factors.


Stress and fatigue: Various changes in one’s life can cause stress and fatigue which saps away all energy including sexual energy. Physical work, sleep debt due to child care and anxiety can all lead to mental and physical fatigue leaving no interest for sex.


Ill health: Body aches and joint pains can kill the desire for sex. Certain health conditions such as depression, cancer and thyroid disorders can affect libido.

  • Menopause in women leads to decreased estrogen causing the vagina’s skin to become thin and dry making sex painful for the women and thus avoiding it.
  • Certain medications such as anti-depressants, painkillers and medicines for hypertension can affect libido.
  • A disconnected relationship between partners can lead to loss of sexual desire. Unresolved conflicts can take place in the form of avoiding sex while not communicating each others sexual needs may lead to the same.
  • Psychological problems such as loss of sexual or erotic association with your partner. The mind plays tricks by changing your perception of sexual stimuli to non-sexual stimuli. In some men it can happen after they become fathers, when they see their partner transformed as a mother to his children.



  • If loss of sexual desire is due to any rift in an intimate relationship it needs to be openly discussed between the partners and professional help can be sought too.
  • Medications causing loss of sexual desire can be replaced by alternatives after a discussion with the physician.
  • Ill-health needs to be treated for a person to feel wholesome and healthy to indulge in sex. See a doctor for treatment.
  • Hormonal problems can be managed by treatments.
  • Professional counseling can be sought.


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