Look like a million bucks with the right make up

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Jul 27, 2010

Here are some simple tips to buy make-up products. 


Foundation: Select two or three different foundations whose colours most match the skin tone on your jawbone. The foundation you choose should blend with your skin tone on your jaw line and not stand out. 


Tips on usage:  Apply foundation in dots all over the face and start blending from the middle part of the face to the outward direction. Use a triangular latex sponge for this. It enables you to cover the skin evenly. The application should be gentle and it should not blot. While applying foundation, pay attention to the hairline for excess product accumulates here. Liquid Foundation should be smudged gently whereas compact foundation with a thicker consistency should be applied by pressing sponge against the skin.  


Eye Shadow:  Before buying an eye shadow do a simple test. Apply a little loose eye shadow on your wrist and rub the application with your fingertip. See how the cosmetic spreads on your skin. Is the consistency velvety? A good eye shadow should remain in the place and stick to the skin well. It should not change colour. Does the eye shadow change its colour after being applied on the skin? Always take the test in daylight.  


Tip: Liquid vs. Creamy: The difference between eye shadow for personal use and creamy eye shadow is that eye shadow for personal use is easy to apply because of its texture. Creamy or gel eye shadow should be applied on clean and dry eyelid directly and evenly across the whole surface of the eyelid. It should be smudged quickly.  You can make smoky eyes with any eye shadow colours of your choice.


Tips on usage: There are several techniques of applying eye shadow. One technique which you can easily master is to apply eye shadow to the tip of the ring finger and gently rub over your eyelid, from the centre of your eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye and outer corner of the eye to and fro, blend it gently this way. You can also use eye shadow brush.   Eyebrow Make-Up  A hard eyebrow pencil will guarantee the durability of make-up. You will need an eyebrow comb with stiff bristles, which shall help you form the eyebrows in the correct shape. Simply draw in the missing hair and correct the eyebrow shape by combing the hair with the eyebrow comb and form the required shape of eyebrows.


Tips: Buy eyebrow pencils and shadow in dual colours, black and brown. To check the quality and smoothness of pencil, try drawing lines on your palm. Use mascara which is water proof.  Blusher  Invest in branded cosmetics and buy a palette that has warm blusher tones.


Tips: While applying blusher to the apple of the cheek in to and fro direction from temple towards the nose keeping away two inches from the nose. Blushed cheeks light a million hearts.  


Bronzer: Powdered Bronzer or Creamy Shimmer can be used as highlighters on cheeks, collarbone, hands, and legs.


Use sparingly Dry skin: Mix powder bronzer in the moisturizer Lipstick Colours recommended for a fair complexion: maroon, pinks, red, orange with golden tint. Avoid pale and nude lips. Wheatish skin tone - wine colour, coral, browns and burgundy. 


Dark skin tone:  Family of brown, light maroon shades. The lip liner should match lip colour. If you use gloss, apply it only to the centre of the lip. 


Tips:  If your eye makeup is smoky keep your lips nude, or vice versa. 


Tips:  Draw natural lip line with the lip liner then fill the lipstick and top it up with lip-gloss. Do not apply to many coats of gloss as it may bleed.  (Sangeeta Khanna a celebrity hair and make-up expert will answer related queries and throw in some tips to help you shine like a star).



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