Long Term Affair or a One Night Stand

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Mar 20, 2012

Long Term Affair or a One Night StandWould you much rather be faced with a situation where your partner had a one night stand, instead of a long term affair? What would you cope better with? A one night fling which was done and over with, or an emotional affair over a period of several years, including acts like sending flowers, love letters, and genuine care for each other? Many wives and husbands would not have any of it, and you cannot fault them for it.


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There are some who find the emotional long-term affair much more bothersome. They would say that they would wish that the affair was not long-term and just a one-off with someone their men did not care about. The wives who cannot stand even the one-night adultery feel that they cannot stay with a person who could sleep with someone whom he did not care about. The very act of having sex with anyone just for kicks makes them feel that the guy is perverse. [Read: Major Effects of Extra-Marital Affairs]


No matter what kind of cheating took place, the onus would be on the cheater to mend matters for the relationship to work again. Not only men, but women are also found to be cheating on their male partners. It could be for any reason, being isolated at home if it’s a housewife, or having an affair at work.


The long term affair is viewed with more dismay because the very fact that the deception went on for so long makes the partner feel that the cheater was not doing anything on impulse. The intentional and calculated nature of the long-term affair leaves a greater sting for the cheated partner to heal. On the part of the cheating partner, it has to be said that moving away from an affair in which he or she was emotionally involved may not be as easy as to work over. [Read: How to Survive Infedility]


If you want to make your relationship last, it would take a lot of time to work out the lost trust. It would take the best efforts on the part of the cheating partner, and also an understanding, reasonable person who has been cheated to bring the same old trust and companionship back. However reasonable a person or both the persons may, and regardless of the sincerity with which the two of you want to be together, the lost intimacy in relationship will take time in coming back. You would surely need to work on the old adage of “Time heals all”.


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