Living with Lung Cancer

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Apr 04, 2012

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Living with Lung CancerFor surviving with lung cancer, you must try to carry a ‘never say die’ attitude. Accept the fact that you have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Never lose your hopes and keep a positive approach. Here are some ways for living with lung cancer:


Coping with Lung Cancer

Being diagnosed with lung cancer can take a toll on your emotional and physical well-being. Initially, it may baffle and upset you, but you have to cope with the fear and anxiety that the diagnosis of cancer brings. Keep your approach practical and remember that lung cancer is treatable with timely treatment.


Know the Treatment Options

Once you discover lung cancer, do not lose hopes and learn the different treatment options. Your doctor will recommend you the best lung cancer treatment based on the type and stage of your cancer. Popular treatments for lung cancer are chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, photodynamic or laser light therapy. These treatments are considerably effective and adhering to one of these can improve your life expectancy.

Deal with Breathlessness

One of the major disadvantages of lung cancer is frequent episodes of breathlessness. Surviving with lung cancer requires you to learn how to deal with breathlessness to make your life easier. Learn how to inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth to competently control the bouts of breathlessness.

Know Your Needs

No one other than you understands your body completely. Be realistic of what your body needs. Make sure you have enough sleep, eat properly and take rest at intervals between activities.


A study published in The Journal of Thoracic Oncology in 2009 showed that exercises to strengthen the lungs even if the patient is already diagnosed with lung cancer is beneficial. Exercises such as chest presses, bent-over rows or triceps extension support the muscles surrounding the lungs improving the condition of the lungs. An aerobic exercise such as walking, cycling, dancing and swimming accelerates heart rate and lung function.


Breathing techniques of yoga can enhance lung function even if it is ravaged with cancer.  Breathing exercises such as slowing down, inhaling and exhaling are beneficial. Such exercises refine breathing and encourage deeper breathing with the help of every part of the lung. Besides, they improve the ability of lungs to take in more oxygen.

Get Social Support

To reap the benefits of cancer treatment, you need to be emotionally strong. Seek help of your family, friends and co-workers to adapt to the major change in your life.  Join any lung cancer support group that offers you a platform to share your disturbing thoughts with others, who have experienced the same or understand what you are facing. Listen to their experiences as it will help you to keep a positive attitude.


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