Medicine List A-Z Listings of Medicines

Generic Name of MedicineBrands AvailableDisease(s) Used For
Abacavir Lamivudine Zidovudine TabletsComing Soon
Abacavir TabletAbamune Film-Coated Tab, Abavir Tab,Abec Tab
Acetaminophen Aspirin Caffeine Salicylamide TabletPainaidMigraine,Tension Headache
Acetaminophen Aspirin Caffeine TabletExcedrin TabArthritis,Cold and Flu,Fever
Acetaminophen Aspirin TabletExcedrin Back,Body Extra StrengthArthritis,Common Cold (Viral Rhinitis),Flu,Tension Headache
Acetaminophen Brompheniramine Pseudoephedrine TabletsComtrex Acute Head ColdFever,Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis),Scarlet Fever
Acetaminophen Caffeine Pyrilamine TabletMidol Maximum Strength MenstrualMuscle Strain,Tension Headache
Acetaminophen Caffeine TabletCrocin Pain Relief Tab Back Pain,Heel Pain,Scarlet Fever
Acetaminophen Chlorpheniramine Dextromethorphan Pseudoephedrine Powder PacketTheraFlu,Cold,Cough Powder PacketAllergy,Common Cold (Viral Rhinitis),Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)
Acetaminophen Dextromethorphan DoxylamineVicks Nyquil Multi SymptomAllergy,Cold and Flu,Pain

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