Latex Condom Allergies

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Aug 04, 2012

Latex Condom Allergies

You could be allergic to a condom! People allergic to latex condoms can have a severe reaction when they use it. In case you experience an allergy or a problem using a latex condom, talk to a health care provider to know about other contraceptive options.

Latex Condoms and Allergies

The reason behind  latex allergies is the protein in the liquid which is extracted from the rubber tree while developing these. Individuals allergic to foods such as tomato, avocado, banana, melon, kiwi and passion fruit have higher chances of developing an allergy to latex condoms. Moreover, rubber industry workers and health care staff are more likely to have latex condom allergies than other, which include:

  1. Rash – A rash may appear within eight hours of contact to latex condoms to indicate that you are allergic. The rash may cause itching or burning sensation, and could turn skin colour to pink/red.
  2. Burning Sensation – Latex condom may cause burning sensation inside of the vagina, or on the penis, or on the skin region that has been in contact with a condom.
  3. Itching – The most common symptom or allergy to latex condom is itching, which could be mild or severe. Men experience itching on or around the penis shaft and groin, whereas women experience itching around vagina, vulva or internally.
  4. Blisters – Blisters may occur in or around areas of prolonged contact to a latex condom. It is also an indication of the immune system trying to resist  latex in the condom. Blisters, especially water-filled blisters, could be very painful.
  5. Anaphylaxis – It is a severe allergic response that needs immediate medical attention, wherein an individual experiences breathing problems, swelling in lips/tongue/throat, chest pain or rapid heart rate. If ignored, anaphylaxis may lead to death due to constriction of the airways.

Levels of Allergic Responses to Latex

  • Mild level of allergic response to latex condom is characterised by itchiness, dryness and burning
  • Moderate level to allergic response  is attributed by severe action on the parts that come in contact with the latex condom.
  • Developing hives, breathing difficulties and anaphylactic shock are the common signs of severe allergic response.

Latex condom allergy isn’t always a serious concern, but there are several other contraception choices for an allergic. If you have preference for condoms, use a synthetic condoms made of polyurethane, which are available as male or female condoms. Ask health care provider if you are persistently experiencing allergy symptoms and discuss treatment options with him.

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