Keeping Your Marriage and Sex Life Strong

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Apr 25, 2013

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Keeping Your Marriage and Sex Life Strong

For keeping your marriage and sex life strong, you need to realise the desires of your partner. In both men and women, the expectations from a relationship change from one phase of life to the other. Some tips can help you as a couple to keep the spark alive.


Keeping sex life alive in your marriage


  • Do not shy away from or ignore expressing appreciation, admiration and about how fond you are with your partner.  It may seem to be trivial but never underestimate the value of these little gestures of affection. These are essential to keep your marriage strong.
  • One of the most tiresome aspects of a relationship is the drudgery of daily routine. It can be easy for a couple to just toe the line and never try anything new or exciting. The worst part about this problem is that you do not even want to explore new possibilities within the barriers of the daily routine. You need to do things that bring back those days when release of endorphins did not require any effort. Now, you will need to work on it.
  • Communicate your sexual fancies without confronting your partner. The more candid you two are about telling each other about your needs, the more you would become comfortable with the idea of trying out new things.
  • There is more to your relationships than the act of having sex. Sexually engaging behaviour outside of the bedroom can bring the zing flooding back into your life. Moreover, time spent together just to be intimate with each other is as important. Taking dance lessons together, cooking or even a stroll in your garden with each other’s company may just be what is missing in your marriage.
  • You need to acknowledge what you partner finds interesting. That would go a long way in reinstating your bond with him/her, and this is the essential step that you would have taken towards more passionate sex life.
  • You need to realise that sex life in married people needs to be worked on. First, if you have been too rushed in your daily routine, take time out to reflect and connect with yourself. Just unwind and look forward to enjoying your time with your spouse without any worries. Do not harp on clichés such as “There is no time.” Find time as after all, for what are you being so busy?


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