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Sep 23, 2010

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Life is living everyday. Understanding your body is the first step to keep it fit and healthy.

What is it that you should know about your body?

The body is composed of Four Basic Constituents which should be in a correct proportion for the age and height of every individual.

What are the four basic Constituents and what is their correct proportion?

  •  BONE
  •  FAT
  •  WATER


Each of these four components are in a particular proportion when in good health. Modern changes in diet and occupation have resulted in significant changes in the body composition. Certain diseases like DIABETES and many other illnesses also debilitate the body thus causing a disproportion in the composition of the above parameters.


Understanding body composition helps one to know the deficiencies and rectify the same by appropriate changes in lifestyle, especially related to diet, occupation and exercise.

How do we assess the quantum of our body constituents?

A simple method of  knowing  the  disproportion  in  the  various components of the body has  today become  simple  with  the  development of  Newer Equipments  which are able to provide precise information  about  the body  composition.

A simple examination that takes about 15 minutes to complete provides all the above information.  First the height, age and sex of the individual are recorded and the data is fed in the computer. Next, the individual will stand barefoot on four metallic contacts on a machine connected to the computer.  Four more electrodes two in each hand held devices, are held by the individual. The machine is switched on and recordings are taken over a period of about three minutes after which individual disembarks from the machine and waits for the generation and printing of the report which will roughly take about ten minutes. The patient does not experience anything during the time s/he is on the machine.

How does the machine derive this data?

A very low voltage, low frequency current passes through the body of the individual in a specific sequential manner. The impedance information generates the necessary data that gets evaluated in the computer, which ultimately generates the report. The exact mechanism involved is a patented technology which has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration of the United States of America.

What all information gests generated?

  • Weight of the Individual, its correctness in relation to his / her age and height.
  • The weight of the muscle component
  • The weight of the fat component
  • The mineral content in the bones
  • The water distribution in the body
  • The segmental distribution of muscle and fat
  • The body mass index
  • Waist Hip ratio
  • Nutritional evaluation [protein, fat, mineral]
  • Fitness Score
  • Basal Metabolic Rate.


What is the relevance of this data?

The weight is the simplest index of physical appropriateness.
The relative weights of the various ingredients such as muscle, fat, water will show the segment that is in disproportion.  This would help the individual to rectify that segment of his/her body.

The segmental distribution helps in determining the appropriate exercises necessary.

The body mass index is a simple parameter similar to weight.
Waist hip ratio tells you about the abdominal fat which is now shown to be an important prognostic indicator of predictable cardiac disease.
Nutritional Status shows the dietary deficiencies or excesses.
The Basal Metabolic Rate gives an indication of your Calorie utilization.
The fitness score gives you a fitness number in a score ranging from 1 to 100.
This is a simple cheap evaluation that should be carried out yearly to understand your fitness and in turn your health status.


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