Is your Baby Afraid of Bath Time?

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Aug 08, 2012

Is your Baby Afraid of Bath TimeAccording to Child Development Institute, the fear of taking bath in babies is a normal experience for most of them. Although, the fear of bathing is mostly seen in babies aged a year, older babies may also be confronted with the fear. As far as babies are concerned, some may at first meeting with the baby tub find it fun, but suddenly flinch at its presence. This fear, however, stays only for a short while.


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Help your Baby get Past the Fear

Whatever the reason may be for your baby’s aversion, there is always a way to help your baby get past the fear of bathing. All it takes is a little reassurance that bathing time can be enjoyable than traumatic. Most children would hate having water poured over their head, but this has been known to have worked out well with most babies after a few days, though with a lot of aversion in the beginning. After all, things only get better once they have gotten worse. Try bathing your baby by splashing water over his/her head instead of making him/her stand or sit in a pool of water. You may also take a few plastic toys to let your baby play with them while he/she is taking shower. Doing so will also help him/her combine cleanliness with play time. Also make sure that you keep all the things that your baby may need, handy, such as a washcloth, which can be used to wipe the baby eyes when the shampoo drops on them.


What to do if your Baby Fears sitting in the Bathtub

If your baby fears sitting in the bathtub ensure that a protective plastic mat is placed on the bottom of the tub. Your baby may be fussing because of the hard surface of the bathtub. You may use a bath rub liner to ease your baby’s fear. Look for cushioned or padded surfaces that line the interior of the bathtub and also have a section that goes over one edge of the tub making entering and exiting easier for the baby.


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Use Baby-Friendly Shampoos

The sting of soap in the eyes can leave your baby wincing. Therefore, introduce baby-friendly soaps and shampoos in your baby’s bathing kit. Purchase shampoos and soaps that are made especially for babies.


Engage your Child in Reading



Engaging your child in reading before bath time can excite your child in taking bath.

The best way to get your child to stop fearing bathing is talking about it or getting into the water yourself.


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