Is Sexual Activity Okay during Chemotherapy?

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Dec 21, 2011

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Is sexual activity okay during chemotherapy

Usually, it is safe to indulge in sexual activities when a person is undergoing chemotherapy though it is always wise to discuss your concerns about sex and chemotherapy with a specialised doctor.


Are you Ready?

The most important factor to be considered before engaging in any sort of sexual activity during chemotherapy is to access your feelings. Sometimes, the person undergoing chemotherapy is so stressed out that he/she may not feel interested in sex. If you are not interested in sex, don’t force yourself into it. Remember that there is more to an intimate relationship than sex.


Try to look for other ways to strengthen your relationship. You can express your love by cuddling, kissing and other shared activities.


Chances of Allergic Infections

Sexual partner/s of a person undergoing chemotherapy stands at a greater risk of developing an allergic reaction. Discuss with your doctor to know the ways you can protect your partner from getting any infection. It is equally important to know whether your partner is prepared for possible allergic reactions or not.


Know the end result

Pregnancy during chemotherapy can pose potential challenges on the developing baby. If you have chances of conceiving, make sure you use a reliable method of birth control. Take doctors advice before taking any kind of hormonal or oral contraceptive.


Type of Chemotherapy

  • Extent of sexual activity allowed during chemotherapy largely depends on the type of chemotherapy you are going through.
  • A high dose chemotherapy that is followed by stem cell transplantation makes the immune system weak to the extent that having sex is not a good idea; this is because the bacteria living in the genital tract and on the skin can be passed via intercourse, and the people with a weaker immune system will not be able to stand such infections.
  • In some cases, chemotherapy decreases the platelet count (that is responsible for blood clotting). A person with low platelet count is more likely to bleed during normal intercourse than one with a normal or high platelet count. In severe conditions, the person may experience severe bleeding.
  • Certain types of chemotherapy lead to changes in the vaginal lining, which can even lead to vaginal injuries during intercourse.


Type of Cancer

Before engaging in any sexual activity, a cancer patient must consult his/her doctor to find out:

  • whether he or she needs to take any precautionary steps while having sex or not. 
  • If you are having cancer in the genital tract or the chemotherapy you are going through can affect genital tract.

If your cancer involves the genital tract, your doctor will tell you to abstain from sex until healing is complete.


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