Is Masturbation in a Relationship Healthy?

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Feb 24, 2012

Couple in bedPeople are inclined to enjoy sex in all possible ways and this includes masturbation. It is easy to get carried away by guilt which is not entirely justified. It is especially alright if you are able to satisfy your partner when having real sex. Research has shown that those who masturbate, even when in a relationship, also tend to have more satisfying sex, and more often too. However, it can be irksome for men as well as women to find their partner masturbating, and some would even equate it with infidelity.

Masturbation was considered perverse once but not anymore. Medical professionals would tell you that it is only a healthy habit. Many tend to disagree but the point is that there is no use debating it if you have got yourself in a habit of it and don’t seem to come out of it. There are many who are naturally not inclined to masturbate and it is normal for them. For many who do, giving it up after being in a relationship may not be the easiest thing to do.

Masturbating or “jerking off” as it is popularly called may be used by many people as an antidote for stress. It is their solution for quick stress release or improving the mood and it is not right to expect that such people would give this habit up for the sake of sanctity of a relationship. There are some who are aroused but would not like to go the whole hog and have sex. It is ok as far as the thing is about sticking to a pleasurable activity done before getting into a relationship. But not if your jerk offs are all about initiating unwarranted romance in your life, as that would indeed imply infidelity, or emotional infidelity at least.


Research on Masturbation


According to sexologist Alfred Kinsley’s research, as far enjoying sex is concerned, the women who masturbate before marriage are more likely to achieve orgasms when doing it for the first time with their husband. After this research the mental health experts also expressed the health benefits of masturbation which has still not been completely accepted in all societies and cultures around the world.

Indeed, it is hardly a wholesome thought for a person to see his or her partner in the act of masturbation. Leave alone that, many are very uncomfortable in even discussing about it. It does seem that the situation is likely to continue in this vein for all time to come as science has not been able to confirm people that masturbation is entirely natural and “healthy”.


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