Is Fat in the Way of your Sex Life?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Oct 18, 2011

Is Fat in the Way of your Sex LifeWhen Vicky wanted to date, the first hurdle that he knew he had to overcome was his pot belly. Yes, the prospects of finding a date when one is on the wrong side of the weighing scale are slim!

However, fat sex is a new term that has been introduced by fitness guru, Kristie Alley. According to Alley, fat people face problems while having sex and therefore, weight loss for them becomes even more imperative. Fat just like normal sex is sexual intercourse between two people. The only point of difference is that here the two people involved are obese/overweight/fat.

Fat sex is becoming an increasingly hot topic of discussion because in today’s day and age finding a partner sits high on the priority list of many people. Fat sex therefore, is more than just finding the right partner. It is to do with low self-esteem and the stereotype that says that if you are fat you are bound to be unlucky in love. It also means that people settle for what they have in hand because they fear total loss. All this in turn may be the cause for emotional distress, trauma and even the reason behind emotional and physical abuse in relationships.

Just how important is the concept of a positive body image? Experts and commoners are both of the opinion that it is. Many boys and girls for example, make bee lines at health spas and gyms, work themselves to death and diet till they can’t any more, for the perfect body. They are of the firm belief that it is their appearance that is most important in the quest for love. Experts on the other hand say that the overboard stereotypes of the perfect body being floated nowadays is to blame.

Moreover, it seems like people who actually manage to lose weight are actually more averse to the idea of being sexually intimate with a fat person.

In a nutshell it seems like obesity and weight gain are sure-shot deterrents to one’s social and especially sex life. This is even truer for women who are under constant pressure to look their best at all points in time. The choice still lies in your hands; whether you want to be fit for your health or just for the sake of appearance!


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