Is Diabetes caused by Pharmaceuticals?

Dr. Lisa’s study was done to find out the connection between diabetes and pharmaceuticals though it also demonstrated that unnecessary prescription of pharmaceuticals was one of the diabetes risk factors.

Gunjan Rastogi
DiabetesWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Apr 27, 2012
Is Diabetes caused by Pharmaceuticals?

Is Diabetes caused by PharmaceuticalsA recent research done in England on diabetes documented that among the factors of diabetes risk, one common factor is extraneous prescription.  Dr. Lisa Landymore-Lim, a chemist specialised in immunology and biomedical chemistry, has stated a link between unnecessary drug prescriptions and the risk of diabetes onset. Dr. Lisa analysed the chemicals and drugs, which have the potential to cause diabetes. The studied drugs and chemicals were the antibiotic streptozocin, alloxan (a chemical) and vacor( rat poison). These drugs contain a chemical component that allows them to bind strongly to zinc present in insulin. Due to this bonding, zinc becomes unavailable in the body and insulin fails to be formed. Lack of insulin in the body is the main culprit behind the onset of diabetes. Dr. Lisa further added that there are various diabetes-inducing drugs that are used commonly.

Dr. Lisa added that antibiotics, which have diabetes-inducing characteristics, are mostly being prescribed to babies and children. She found that doctors of rural areas prescribe and supply more drugs than their urban counterparts. The profit from prescription sales is considered the reason behind significantly greater pharmaceutical drug supply in rural areas than urban areas. Greater sale means greater intake, which in turn increases the incidence of diabetes.

List of Drugs that Cause Diabetes

Here are some commonly prescribed medicines that have chemical characteristics that may lead to diabetes:

Antibiotics such as penicillins, cephalosporins and erythromycin.

Tranquilizers such as barbiturates and benzodiazepines (such as Valium).

Some other drugs such syntocinon (to induce labour), ergometrine (for stopping postpartum bleeding) and acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Dr. Lisa said that she does not know about any studies that have determined whether these drugs can surely induce diabetes or not.  She added that her research was carried out to analyse how such drugs may cause diabetes and to find out the areas in which they are commonly prescribed causing their excessive intake to lead to higher incidence of diabetes.

Other Diabetes Risk factors

  • Obesity

This is the major risk factor for type 2 diabetes. The more your weight the higher is the risk of insulin resistance as excessive fat interferes with the body's ability to use insulin.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle

Living a sedentary lifestyle means that you have greater chances of becoming obese thus, increasing diabetes risk. To curb the possibilities of diabetes, it is important to be more active.

  • Unhealthy eating habits

A diet including excess of fat, inadequate fiber and an excess of carbohydrates contributes to the risk of diabetes. To prevent the development of diabetes, follow the right eating habits and do not forget to combine well-balanced diet with regular exercise regimen.

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