Intimate Life of Expectant Father

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Apr 21, 2011

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Sex lives of expectant couples undergo changes due to various reasons. While some believe that it will hurt the unborn, which is completely untrue though under certain circumstances intercourse should be avoided. Also the discomforts of pregnancy can exhaust a woman completely leaving no energy for sex.


Sex during pregnancy


Sex during pregnancy does not hurt the baby as the amniotic fluid sac or the water bag acts as cushion for the baby. Of course, risky sexual behaviour or rough sex should be avoided during this time. Sex may be prohibited for couples where the expectant mother has a complicated pregnancy, or is at risk of miscarriage or bleeding. You would need to inquire from your obstetrician about the safe sex practices you should follow and whether it is safe to indulge in intercourse in your particular case.


Vacillating sexual desire in men during pregnancy


Sex drive of any two individuals is never same and pregnancy can make this divide longer. Sexual desire may vacillate in both men and women during pregnancy. Most men may have an increased sexual desire in the first trimester as the thought of making a baby might be an ego boost to their masculinity and virility. In addition pregnancy would mean no contraceptives or precautionary measures to be taken by the partners which makes sex all the more attractive. Men may find the changing body of their pregnant spouse fertile and feminine which may rev up their sexual desire. Men also form a special connection with a pregnant spouse which is full of love and attachment which can be expressed through lovemaking. 


On the other hand, some men may not feel in the mood for sex as the spouse’s changing body may not seem attractive anymore. With the swelled breasts, stretch marks and slowly expanding belly some men may be put off from intercourse. This does not mean that a man stops loving his wife or that he dislikes her body, it is just that some men get aroused by visual stimulation which may be absent during pregnancy. The thought process or the workings of the mind in a man may also be the reason behind low sex drive during pregnancy. The idea of their ‘appealing’ and ‘sensual’ wife being transformed into ‘caring’ and ‘nurturing’ mother may be disruptive to their sexual intensity.


Vacillating sexual desire in women during pregnancy


The vacillating urge for sex continues in both the partners throughout pregnancy, which needs care and understanding to sail through smoothly. Women too, can have the same emotions a man experiences, she may get more interested in sex as there is no worry of using contraceptives and the thought of carrying your baby may make it all the more sensual. The idea of creating a life inside her body can make her feel special and in control which can boost her sexual desire.


While for some women, pregnancy can be an exhausting phase due to the discomforts associated with pregnancy. She may feel wretched with the frequent bouts of vomiting, morning sickness and nausea. Apart from physical discomforts she may be undergoing emotional turmoil which can be due to future worries, about the pregnancy and health of the baby. Many women are scared to indulge in intercourse for the fear that it may hurt the baby.


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