Interesting Sexual Health Facts

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May 11, 2011

Interesting Sexual Health Facts

Sex and sexual health has been the topic of discussion and deliberation since ages. The human body and its processes are intricate mysteries in themselves and understanding them completely would definitely warrant some research. Attempting to come to terms with some of the most interesting as well as intriguing facts pertaining to the sexual health of men and women can lead to a better understanding of the human sexual act. It allows for better sex education.


Surprising Research Facts

Sustained and structured research has revealed some truly intriguing and exciting knowledge bits about the sexual health of men and women.


  • Some women actually suffer from a condition which is known as sexual allergy. This is an allergic reaction towards the semen which is produced during the course of the act. Luckily, this condition can be completely treated. However, the treatment might result in anaphylaxis in some isolated cases.
  • Sexual dysfunction occurs in almost 43% women between the ages of 19–59 years. However, most of these problems can be treated with the help of sustained medical care.
  • Testosterone is a vital hormone which is produced by the ovaries in women. This hormone is principally responsible for higher libido and increased pleasure during orgasm. Depleting levels of testosterone might be a common phenomenon for menopausal women. However, artificial testosterone patches are known to have exhibited positive results.
  • Douching is no longer a recommended process for vaginal hygiene, as it hardly encompasses any advantages. Moreover, douching is known to wash away the helpful bacteria in the vagina, which can lead to infections. Cleaning with mild soap and water are the best options.
  • Although fertility in men has been considered as an ageless phenomenon, studies have revealed that the ability to reproduce decreases considerably in men who have crossed the 35 year mark. Post 40 years of age, the human male sperm exhibits several DNA problems which are almost double the ones present in the sperm of a 20 year old.
  • A recent study conducted by a popular journal indicates that frequent ejaculation helps in improving prostate health in men considerably.
  • Exercises which are quite similar to the ones suggested to women during pregnancy can also be practised by men for enhanced orgasm and better sexual performance.
  • Some men have a valve system which is faulty, resulting in retrograde ejaculation. In such cases the fluid travels back into the urethra upon ejaculation and the urine could subsequently appear cloudy, on discharge.

These are some of the most interesting sexual health facts which can help us understand the sexual processes and malfunctions associated with both men and women. Studying them in detail can indeed be beneficial in ensuring a pleasurable sex life.

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