Interesting facts about sex you didn't know

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Mar 09, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Humans and Dolphins are only two species to have sex for pleasure.
  • Women’s sexual desire depends on their menstrual cycle.
  • Men can achieve lesser orgasms than women.
  • Sexual intercourse helps women to look younger and sexier.

There is an endless curiosity regarding sex the world over. People are pre-occupied with getting the art of sexual intimacy right and go to great lengths to achieve the best. In all honesty, all that we know about sex is just common knowledge and there are many things unknown. The truth is that sex is a wide subject and there are thousand ways to talk about it, thousand things to unravel and explore more about sex . Today, we will talk about some of the more unexplored bits about sex, things that aren’t known to us generally.


interesting facts about sex


Desire is related to menstrual cycle

It is interesting to know that a woman’s desire to be sexually active is in direct correlation to the woman’s menstrual cycle. This means that when women ovulate, they are in search for some action. This is when the testosterone levels are at the peak turning up the heat for women. Also, biologically speaking, this is the right time for women to get pregnant as they are ovulating, thereby making perfect sense. Pretty fascinating!

Unlimited orgasms

While men are lucky to achieve orgasm pretty quickly, women on the other hand have something godsend on their side. Yes, they can achieve unlimited or multiple orgasms. Women don’t really need the same recovery time after an orgasm like men do; they can in fact go on an orgasm spree, one after another. Most women tend to imagine that after their first orgasm they are dry and high, but the truth is that they can go the extra mile and try getting more orgasms. You will be surprised with the results!


Humans and Dolphins enjoy sex for pleasure

Now, here is something mind-blowing. Researchers have found that humans anddolphins are the only two species that have sex for pleasure.In simple words you can say,  they have sex irrespective of the need to procreate. Now who would have thought that dolphins liked the light green haze of undersea to enjoy some loving!


Sex can help you to be stress-free

Having sex regularly can help a person to be free of stress. In fact,sexual intercourse can help lower your blood pressure levels and make you less prone to sex. Also, having regular sex can help a person to achieve higher levels of immunoglobulin A, a type of antibody thathelps to keep away cold and other infections. Moreover, having sex can be a form of exercise and could help you to keep fit.



Women can get orgasm without penetration

While for men it is imperative that their sexual organ is used in order to achieve an orgasm, for women it is quite a different story. Women can experience orgasms without penetration and that is through clitoris stimulation. Clitoral orgasms are very common in most women and can be achieved easily. The clitoris is in fact played with during sexual intercourse to heighten the sense of sexual satisfaction.


Sex makes you sexier

Here is great news for women! When women have sex their body tends to double theestrogen levels and this makes them look sexier. Besides, the increased estrogen level helps to get shinier hair and softer skin, because estrogen is the fountain of youth for women.So, sex is in fact a pleasurable treatment that enables women to look sexy!



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