Identical Twins are Genetically Different

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Nov 12, 2012

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Identical Twins are Genetically Different

Even though identical twins have similar DNA but in the early stages of development they may develop various genetic changes that may set them on different ways, says a new study.


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The findings of the study led by Rui Li, an epidemiologist at McGill University, partly explain that why in some twins, a sibling gets diagnosed by cancer whereas the other sibling remains healthy. The study was presented on 9 November 2012 in the meeting of American Society of Human Genetics. Li further stated that it was expected that the identical twins have different genetic makeup.

To figure out how genetic mutations occurs in the early stages of foetal development, Li and her fellow researchers analysed the genomes of 92 pairs of identical twins. They also calculated the frequency at which the genetic changes in the early development of a foetus occur. The researchers found out that an average twin pair in their early foetal stage has almost 360 genetic differences.


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