How to Use Condom Safely

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Jul 29, 2011

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CondomIn order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases it is important to know how to use condom safely. Here are some of the ways to use condoms safely.

  • Check the condom pack, don’t use if it is torn or broken.
  • Avoid using condoms that have past expiration date. Use them only if you don’t have any other alternate (new condom is not available). Tear open the condom pack carefully; don’t use scissors, fingernails or any other thing that can damage the condom.
  • Apply few drops of water based lubricant inside and outside condom before using it. Avoid using oil based lubricants as they can loosen your condom.
  • For maximum safety put condom before your penis make any genital, oral or anal contact.
  • Place the condom on tip of penis with the rolled side outwards. Unroll and extend the condom till base of the penis.
  • As you put condom leave small space on the top, make sure that condom is bubble free.
  • When you ejaculate remove the condom when penis is still erect.
  • For insuring that the fluid remains inside the condom, hold it from top while removing from vagina.
  • If the condom is damaged or too old then it will not unroll easily. Don’t force to extend it as this may lead to breakage during sexual intercourse. In this case throw it and use a new condom.
  • Wrap condom in its package before disposing. Never flush it
  • Use a new condom if you are having sex again. Never reuse a condom.

Improper use of condom is one of main reasons for condom breakage. There are some practices that must be avoided to use condom safely. Things that must be avoided while using a condom:

  • Don’t use condom that is brittle, dried or sticky.
  • Don’t unroll condom before putting it on the penis.
  • Avoid oil base lubricants, especially if you are using latex condom.
  • Avoid using condom that have expired or have changed or uneven colour.
  • Never reuse the condom.
  • Never have dry sex.


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