How to understand a Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Chinese Calendar - Chinese gender prediction chart is used since ages for predicting the sex of unborn child. Being a fun way of gender prediction, it has become extremely popular on web.

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PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Jul 26, 2011
How to understand a Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Chinese gender prediction chart is the oldest way of predicting gender of unborn baby. It is said that these charts were found in royal tomb by a Chinese scientist. The original copy of Chinese chart is now in Institute of Science and Technology in Beijing. Chinese gender prediction chart is based on the lunar calendar that shows dates depending upon the phases of the moon.


Gender prediction calendar has been used since the imperial age. Initially they were just used to predict the gender of a royal heir. It was only after the fall of imperialism that this Chinese gender prediction chart was used by the common masses. China has been witness many wars and so there has always been the need of more soldiers. Besides, this need of a boy child was also due to the fact that they could work in fields. It is important to understand that the Chinese prediction chart has never been scientifically proven so it serves best to not expect accurate prediction.


There are many gender prediction methods available on the internet, and one such method is Chinese calendar. It is easily available and can be tested by anyone. Some people religiously follow this chart to predict the gender of their child while others think it to be a completely random method with 50% chance of accuracy.


Using a Chinese Gender Prediction Chart


To predict the gender of your unborn baby one must know the lunar age of the mother and the month of conception. The extreme left column represents the mother’s age and the top most row shows the month of conception. You just need to follow across and down to the point where mother’s age and month intersect and know the gender of your baby.


Nowadays, modern Chinese gender prediction charts are also available. These charts are similar to the ancient charts with the exception that you can even use the due date of delivery instead of conception date.


Chinese gender prediction calendar is gaining popularity in both the Eastern as well as Western world. Some use it to predict gender while for others it is just a way of entertainment. Before using Chinese calendar it is important to understand that it is not wise to expect accurate result.


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